This Backwater Babylon I Call Home


The author Armistead Maupin, in his novel, “More Tales of the City,” once referred to the San Francisco Bay area as an “incestuous backwater Babylon”;  and those of us fortunate enough to live here will tell you we wouldn’t have it any other way.  As with many others who have fled previous lives to start new ones here in this wonderful metropolis, it was the initial “Tales of the City” television mini-series and the entire “Tales” series of books that made it all too easy for me to leave Chicago that early spring, a long time ago.

And so, with tremendous gratitude to Mr. Maupin, I begin Backwater Babylon, a blog that will include, among its postings of news, commentary, music, and pictures of my dog, occasional tributes to these magical cities by the Bay – this backwater Babylon I call home.

(Photo: Allan Davenport)